Products and services

Athlete Management Platform

  • Training & game
    • Plan & communicate your training and match schedule. 
    • Generate descriptive statistics using all training and match data. 
    • Integrate third party training data
  • Medical
    • Collect and centralise medical data in a GDPR proof environment. 
    • Register & track injuries, illnesses and physical complaints via an evidence-based registration tool
    • Follow-up injured athletes during their rehabilitation
  • Testing
    • Test and compare your athletes based on more than 300 tests protocols and benchmarks.
  • Performance management 
    • Manage athletes’ performance and injury risk using evidence-based methods. 

Workflow optimisation & co-development

  • Advice in setting up monitoring strategies and accompanying equipments
  • Custom-made dashboard analytics
  • Support in writing grant proposals for embedded research projects in your organisation
  • Educational workshops with a focus on specific topics of your demands

Physical-tactical dataviz

  • Converting large amounts of complex data into meaningful visualisations and reports
  • Up-to-date and custom-made visualizations based on latest evidence- and practice-based insights

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