About TopSportsLab

Science-based practice

Nowadays, large amounts of data are collected with the slogan ‘data is the new soil’. Not only high-quality soil is needed. To make your soil (data) effective, not just efficient, you need a clear view and knowledge about what you want to grow. Planting the wrong seeds, gets you the wrong insights. Or if you plant weeds, you will lose overview.

TSL supports practitioners in efficiently collecting the right data (soil) and is specialized in handling these data with appropriate visualisation and analytical methods (seeds) to obtain the insights (plants) you need to optimise the performance of your athletes.

The mission of Topsportslab is to support sport practitioners in managing the performance of their athletes by means of data-informed decision-making

Topsportslab delivers the following services:

  • Athlete management platform (Saas) with efficient data collection and analytics
  • Workflow optimisation based on our conceptual framework & co-development
  • Teamtactical-physical dataviz

clients include